Hey now

Hey now

Why are you so mean?

Hey now

Hey now

This just ain’t for me


You keep comin’ around in my life

Why are you so mean?

There’s no room for a hound in my house

Please stay away from me

‘Cuz I’m making some rules in my life

Just to keep things cool

So I’m taking the fools out of my life

Are you a fool?

I’ve read the book

The one that I took

The one from your secret drawer



You think I can’t live without you

You and your studded tongue

But I know I’ll be fine without you

I know where you’re from

I’ve learned from the bitch of your pain

You’ve given me my share

There is nothing from you that I can gain

Other than despair

‘Cuz I’ve seen your face

The one you erase

Erase at the pharmacy



She said she’s gonna rock me strong

She moved slow but she move it along

She said this is gonna hurt (hoit)

She’s skipping dinner goin’ straight for dessert (dessoit)YEOW!




Dialogue about cheese






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