Licensing for various uses is an easy process with Marier Music.

The Basics

Licenses are available from Marier Music for TV synchronization use, Film & Video  sync, Web Site Sync uses, Mechanical Reproduction and others of unique nature.

Each category has an option or two such as Local Market, Regional Market and National Market for the USA. All foreign use markets are priced individually by request.


TV licenses can be for programming or Advertising purposes. In each case the license term is non-exclusive for 13 weeks beginning with first scheduled use.

TV Programming use

TV program licenses are as follows:
  • Local use $1000
  • Regional use $2000 (can buy 2 Regions at $3500 before becoming National use)
  • National use $ 4500

Renewable within same 12 month period starting at first use date at same prices

EXCLUSIVE USE RIGHTS can be discussed

Fim Synch has two sub categories: Film Synch incidental & Fim Sync Featured
  • Film Synch Incidental $1000 per 30 second placement (incidental use is defined as placement within a scene as incidental to it such as music emanating from a radio or juke box or tv
  • Film Synch Featured $2000 per 30 second placement ( featured use is defined as any placement within a film where music plays an integral part including titles & credits and all scenes and all thematic and underscore uses.

Film Synch Licenses are flat fees and grant perpetual use in the same category as originally licensed. New uses are excluded and an appropriate new license must be purchased to cover such.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Marier Music retains all copyrights rights and collects Performance Royalties as might be paid from various Performance Royalty Organizations ie ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and others.

Mechanical License

The right to mechanically reproduce can be discussed


Web Site uses


SPECIAL NOTE TO MUSIC SUPERVISORS: Email all enquiries to for fast response