Follow Your Heart

All about this vid

The track for Follow Your Heart was recorded at Walnut Road Studios Marier's private 24 track studio in Glen Ellyn, Illinois ome time in 1985. The video was produced by Ken Marier and was shot at the J. Walter Thompson studio in the Hancock Building Chicago. A few items in the video were personal keepsakes like the vulture and Marier's 8th grade graduation picture.. dig those glasses. This picture was often referred to in earlier times as " the picture when I was a lesbian". You decide. The golf scene was one take and quite lucky. Oh, and the girl depicted in the picture is NOT a previous she escaped is unknown. Everyone else may be, but not her.  This vid was never aired and might give some perspective on earlier goings on. Three songs were cut relatively in the same summer of 85 time frame and they available as The Lost Tapes Ep in the store.  Note, that the uniform craze had gone away and Marier's sholders appear lnormal unless looking at them in a sideview mirror where objects may appear smaller or closer than they really are. Hiow amusing. For the record, the guitar used in this vid is Mariers 1967 Telecaster as Frekenstiened by Dave Brownell the elctronic genius and Teb Piwowar the furniture restorer who attended 8th grade with Marier. He still has it and claims it is his lifetime favorite guitar.