I'm A Citizen Video

 The group Citizen circa 1980 consisted of five fine young musicians. Donn Marier aka/Marier Guitar and Lead Vocals, Dominic Buscemi Lead Guitar and Vocals, Craig Gillespe Bass and Vocals. Ernie (earnst) Wiatrowski Keyboards and Vocals and Rob Horn our drummer extrodinaire and Vocals. The band was signed to Ovation USA and released one LP (yes vinyl) titled Citizen Sex & Society. If you ever find a copy buy it. It receivd rave reviews and Citizen was always favorably compared to Queen, Cheap Trick, the Cars, Bowie and other greats of the day. The video was shot with one very big camera by Ken Marier at the J. Walter Thompson studio in the Hancock Building Chicago. Surely it is dated but man MTV played it almost every hour on the hour in those early days when few had done videos. As usual Marier was a little ahead of the curve. Hey, how about those sholders...impressive and it drove the girls carzy...yes, size matters for sholders that is. The Citizen uniforms where designed by a good friend of the band who later became one of Chicago's premiere restauranteurs owning and oeprating the Chicago Chop House...Thanks to Susan Gayford, though uncomfortable we looked sharp in those communista miltary colors. Ernie always left the stage with bloodied feet because he constantly bounced...thiose dams boots hurt. How Kiss did it is a wonder...maybe the money helped. Yup, it did.