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"Irreverent, Intelligent, Insightful. A S-O-B writer. If you like any of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, or even Perry F---in Como, you'll love Marier!" *

After a mysterious yet educational childhood, a castration and brief stint in the Glen Ellyn Children's Choir, there were thousands of recording sessions, During and after these, Marier has reinvented himself many times and evem grew back some balls. His musical career started with a Montgomery Ward's Airline electric guitar (not a Sears Silvertone as wrongly quoted in the press), He formed a fledgling basement rock band or two one of which blossomed into the rock legend Citizen -  an 80's MTV pioneer that landed on Ovation USA Records and has now been digitally re-mastered and re-released (Buy it Here), The original MTV Citizen Video can be seen here among others. Marier also enjoyed a stellar career writing for radio, tv and commercials. He's sold over 40,000,000 children records. Was the proud recipient of a Gold Record for that unexpected success and much more. He's creating great relevant music for mass consumption as you'll no doubt agree.
Richly blessed with the support and kindness of family, friends, fans and air conditioners he creates a seemingly endless stream of writing. In this relative comfort he secretly recorded and released Marier's Variety Pack
(buy it here), containing 16 pop rock gems that are provocative, lush, exciting, psychedelic,and most of all accessible to a wide variety of economic levels. Priced especially to move 'em out, Marier promised " the first million buyers will pay a mere $12.99". After that they'll be free. If you're waiting for a free one you're an idiot, but very shrewd.
UPDATE: August 1, 2014 Marier: The Otherwise Idle Hour CD Released with accompanying scores in several formats
UPDATE: June 24, 2012 Marier Release 3 Es Eclectic Electric Eccentric to rave reviews.

UPDATE: February 7th 2013 MArier releases two new tracks hear and buy them on the Orphan Tracks page.
UPDATE: July 19 2013 New Video posted for The NEw World Order watch now.

So sit back, relax, and turn it up to 11!

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* quote used without permission

c 2013 marier music all rights reserved worldwide

 c 2013 marier music all rights reserved worldwide