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Marier's Variety Pack

Marier’s story is one you probably heard before, a 10 year old kid gets a Sears Silverton guitar and the rest is history, well it’s actually true.

Marier has released a CD with 16 tracks of pure pop-rock-psychedelic gems titled Marier’s Variety Pack. A solo artist extraordinaire, Marier takes all of his talent and wraps it into a musically economical package. He will hook you with grabbers that feature some great guitar licks and vocals reminiscent of Peter Gabriel when he was with Genesis. At times I would have to say that this music is walking on the fringes of progressive with the need for just a few more twists and turns to become knee deep ensconced in that realm. I think a fair assessment of this music would be that it is variable with a solid foundation of rock that allows wandering off into different genres easily.

On one of the best tracks of the album “Selling The Truth (Do You Believe)”, Marier serves notice that he can deliver a gutsy rock-pop tune with sharp guitar lines, It has all the elements of a hit single and in the same breath feels like it could find a place on a typical 70’s AOR station. After that breathtaking jaunt, in order to keep you on your toes wondering what is next, he takes you through a strange dreamy like tune with “Ballad of The Forgotten Man”. It sounds like something you would hear in a dark and sad scene in a movie. The flexibility of these tunes make you think of many things and they all feel appropriate for many things including a hot summer’s day drive with the top down, or a time for reflection in your favorite chair with the volume turned up, tuning out the entire world. Marier offers more than meaningless drivel; check out the opening track “New World Order”, a rant on fat cat politicians that continue to invite big government spending and in turn perpetuating higher taxes. It’s more than a song; try a wakeup call to the masses through word and song.
With all of that said I think you can get a clearer picture of what Marier is presenting here. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this exceptional album is the fact that all the words and music are by one person, Marier. Although this is becoming more common these days it still takes a tremendous amount of energy and creativity to record music that can stand on its own merit. The title comes exactly as advertised, there are no hidden meanings or things that do not makes sense, you simply get a variety pack of really good music that you will want to hear more than once. This guy should have been an artist in the 60s; he would have been heard loud and clear. The irony of that statement is the closing track which is titled “In The 1960’s”, yet it’s all instrumental and holds up as one of the best on the entire recording.

The problem with being an indie artist these days is that for the most part they are only discovered by the few, which is a shame. That only changes when a major label’s “indie” label discovers them. But even then you still have the same old establishment in control of your creative path and destiny. Hopefully reviews like this and more like it will help get the word out about artists like Marier and the true indie can be afforded the same successes of major artists.

Key Tracks: Selling The Truth (Do You Believe), The New World Order, Take Control of Your Life Please 

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

April 13, 2010

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