a collection of 27 unique original works

In the wee quiet hours of early morning, one can get mischievous. But rather than leave this time idle, some may choose to dabble in the mysteries of creation. In a spat of sleepless days, Marier found renewed energy in composing for the Orchestra, wrote many pieces of various lengths and also composed a series of 21 String Quartets. 

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Using the wonder of Finale, a premiere notation program with sample based performance capabilities, an orchestra lives on ones desktop and allows digital recordings as heard on Marier" The Otherwise Idle Hour.

With this release, PDFs of the actual scores will be available. And for other Finale users the .mus files for performance can be had. Both can serve as items of interest for music and orchestra buffs but also can provide a great learning experience as study scores. See a sample score here.


All works found on Marier: The Otherwise Idle Hour are available for Licensing including advertisements, media programming, film and of course live performance. Some of the pieces require advanced skills but many are suitable for school orchestras.

Contact Licensing@mariermusic.com for specifics and read up here.

You can sample several pieces contained in this new release at the orchestrations page and purchase any or all of these tracks as digital downloads, physical CDs or at most on line retailers like iTunes..

Physical CDs can be ordered here

igital downloads of Orchestral works here

igital downloads of Marier's String Quartets here