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MARIER: 3 Es Ecelectic Electric Eccentric 

Listen, Like it, then BUY IT NOW!

Marier: 3 Es Eclectic Electric Eccentric CD is now released and available for purcahse. Also available on iTunes , Amazon and other on line retailers. The audio player below is playing a few of the tracks from this new ambitious effort and will change from time to time so come back often. 
If anything, Marier is ambitious as his latest CD Marier 3 Es Eclectic Electric Eccentric cleverly demonstrates. Following his varietal pattern of music and style, Marier solicits the listener using DNA infused progressive rock, classical and pop music.

Also available in Marier's Store is Marier's Variety Pack a collection of 16 pop rock gems, indiviudal song downloads, CD Posters and some other items like Citizen: Sex & Society reissued in a special digital remaster and re-released as Nine by At Random. 

"Marier: 3Es Eclectic Electric Eccentric" is getting rave reviews, listen and find out why".

Peace and Love to All,

Marier ...and those bastards at Businessman Records USA


Marier: The Otherwise Idle Hour is available now for download and CD shipment. This collection of 27 unique original orchestral works lets Marier's pen and paper old school composing shine. A packaged release 
of the Scores on PDF and .mus formats can be had to accompany the CD. These new offerings will bring great study opportunities to aficionados, students and educators alike. As with all Marier tracks, this collection of tracks can be licensed for media uses of all kinds. Having had some great help editing from a large list of tracks Marier wishes to thank Ken, Laura, Randi and Dom for their collective ear. Order your copy here. Want PDFs or .mus files? Order here.
Ongoing Project: String Quartets

I have been reviewing, revising and creating videos of my String Quartets. There was a marvelous magical period when I wasn't sleeping but used that extra time to compose string quartets. All in all, I managed 21 of them though I do not plan on releasing all 21. I do plan on posting several videos of various String Quartet scores and soon compiling and releasing an accompanying CD. Once done, I will move on to new creation whether pop, classical, film score or whatever strokes the moment. I look forward to it as at no other time than creating do I feel more alive.

Thank you for visiting and listening, watching and buying. You will never know what it means to me. 

And don't forget you can view all of the Marier videos posted at like Selling The Truth (Do You Believe?) from Marier's Variety Pack.

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