Eins Swei Dri Vier

Nazi Love. Nazi Love, Nazi Love


We thought they died in forty five...look again they're still alive

Nothing's changed just the name...a rose will always smell the same

what used to take an army to gets done by a powerful few


Their control is absolute...political puppets all salute

Control the money and conquer the world...give massive debt to every boy every girl

No one sees who they really are now

No one cares who they really are now

In thirty year they ran all the Nazi Love is the Love that rules


Nazi Love, Nazi Love, Nazi love love love love love love love love Nazi Love


What used to be a gas for them, is proudly just the past for them

Concentration camping's seen it's day

Aids, Terror, World Pollution, all part of theirĀ  blood solution


nazi love etc....

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