Orchestration In a Crucnh

Orchestration In A Crunch is my educational video series that offers some of my time tested and deadline proven techniques for working fast and delivering professional results. Let's face it, when do we ever get enough time to complete a project. It just doesn't happen, and when it does you can almost bet the farm that revisions will be needed within 24 hours. Use my Orchestration In A Crunch to help you make those deadlines without sacrificing your artful efforts. 

Designed for beginners, intermediates and advanced orchestrators and professionals, While authoritative, it imparts only what is needed assuming you have already studied the basics. Some will find further instruction needed and I do offer personalized lessons upon request. Use the mailto:marier@mariermusic.com for communications.

Produced by veteran video producer Randi Amici, these are easily assimilable videos ranging from 3 to 5 minutes each and with the Primer will give you an edge of speed and the confidence needed to accept thos overnight opportunities others shy away from fearing they can't deliver. 

Here is a sample of a score used in the series and many more will eventually get added.

You can contact Randi Amici directly for presentations of her educational series using my Orchestration methods or other videos. Email her at randiamici@gmail.com




orchestration-in-a-crunch-the-basics Primer.pdf Orchestration In a Crunch Primer 32.2 KB