Marier's Orphan Tracks

Marier's Orphan Tracks are songs not found elsehwere on any released CD or EP collection. These will get expanded as time goes by and eventually find their way to a released collection. Meanwhile you can still download them as singles. 

JUST ADDED: I Said to Pramod (Go Save The Tigers)

A few notes:

NEWS FLASH: MARIER SAVING TIGERS...just posted Marier's new single espousing his desire to "save the tigers"...each download purchase sends $0.75 to the WWF for their Save The Tigers campaign and titular head Leo DiCaprio will thank you for it.

This Love Must Pass doesn't even sing the title but dances around it...very timely for many and if not now, live long enough it will be.

Siting On A Mushroom is a psychedelic treat for me and I hope you can tune and drop out while listening to its random organization.

I Feel Like is in a style I find very attractive and infectious, somewhat like many Sade tracks minus the beautiful woman. It's really an atmospheric thing.

More than Just Highlights in A Frame was inspired by real life experiences in the US Court system as a Father. Hell on Earth indeed!

A Quiet Man ( I've Learned To Be)...hardly non-fiction but nonetheless a point of view about an aspect of what life produces in some who give in to its taunt.

Check out the Orchestrations page to where you can listen to a wide variety of works done for Orchestral performances. 

Marier's Orphan Tracks

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