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  1. Nazi Love

From the album Marier's Variety Pack

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Nazi Love

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NO this one is not pro Nazi or remotely close so listen...it's just a song... and the lyric speaks of certain effects in society that have crept in under new names...Nazi can rightfully be very offensive to some, but it does communicate an idea very quickly


<br />
eine zwei drei vier<br />
<br />
Nazi Love Nazi Love Nazi Love Nazi Love<br />
<br />
You thought we died in forty five...look again they're still alive <br />
Nothing's changed they're still the same...a rose will always smell the same<br />
what used to take an army to do...now gets done by a powerful few<br />
their control is absolute...political puppets all salute<br />
control the money and conquer the world...give massive debt to every boy every girl<br />
<br />
no one sees who they really are now, no one cares what they do anyow now<br />
<br />
in thirty year they ran all the schools...now Nazi Love is the Love that rules<br />
Nazi Love, Nazi Love, Nazi love love love love love love love love Nazi Love<br />
<br />
BRIDGE<br />
<br />
what used to be a gas for them, is proudly just the past for them<br />
concentration camping's seen it's day<br />
aids, terror world pollution, all part of their blood solution<br />
nazi love etc....zwei swei drei vier etc.<br />
c 2008 marier music all rights reserved worldwide<br />